About Us

Our Belief

The very foundations of luxury fashion are built on unique, ingeniously crafted pieces. If you force the cycles of luxury collections to run at increasing speed than it will not only result in  a loss of talent, but a loss of exclusivity.

People are continually becoming aware of the effects fast fashion is having on our environment. Consumers will start to change their way of thinking and look for well made, unique and original clothing that isn’t the same as what everyone else purchases.  We hope to create for confident customers who know their style and body type and buy well rather than often. There is something special about having a well made garment. It gives an emotional attachment belonging to a certain time, event or occasion in life.

Welcome to Engeleena!

Label Profile

ENGELEENA is a registered trademark and a clothing brand that is Made in New Zealand. It is the brand label of fashion designer ENGELEENA PADYACHI.

We believe beauty is formless until crafted into a shape and colour by an artisan. Beauty then materializes into a product. ENGELEENA is inspired by nature and life to give a touch of femininity, quality and value to express yourself the way you want. ENGELEENA is not a fast fashion outlet. At ENGELEENA seasonal masterpieces are created in-line with the latest trends. A limited number created to maintain style and exclusivity. ENGELEENA.COM is owned and operated by Engeleena Padyachi, Auckland, New Zealand.

Designer Profile

ENGELEENA started from humble beginnings. Tailoring inherited from her maternal genes tracing back to her great-grandmother who lived in the beautiful island of Fiji and made hand-sewn clothes for her children. Fast-forward to 2016 and you meet Engeleena Padyachi, designer, patternmaker and sample machinist. The testimony of her multi-skilled talent is her collection, "Dark Romance", which was designed and constructed solely by herself and went on the Runway at Hong Kong Fashion Week, January 2016. ENGELEENA stands on the foundation of sheer hard work, dedication, creativity and the art of tailoring.

Our Mission

  • To create Elegant, Luxury, Comfortable clothing.

Our Vision

  • To make ENGELEENA a prominent clothing label.
  • To take the label to a global platform reaching markets in Asia, USA and Europe.
  • To maintain consistent customer satisfaction.